Drawing on recycled and obsolete technological materials as the grounds for his paintings, London-based artist Nick Gentry creates a conversation between digital and analog processes. Gentry constructs his painting supports out of materials such as 35mm film negatives, VHS cassettes, X-ray prints, and floppy discs. “These objects are no longer in the spotlight,” the artist has said of obsolete artefacts, “but by placing them there for a second it becomes easier to comprehend the speed and extent of the changes that are taking place today.”

The materials are sourced directly from members of the public in a ‘social art’ project. This open working practice is a fundamental starting point of each new work and allows shared histories to form collective identities. The rigorous conceptual basis of this work explores the areas where reality meets illusion, while drawing on references from consumer waste, to pop culture and found art. Known for his portraits and installations that treat the human form not as a subject in itself, but rather as the vehicle to carry the medium. In his art, Gentry questions the fundamental relationship of the human being to both our created world and what we call reality.

Exhibitions (selection)

 2017 Robert Fontaine Gallery, Time & Place, group show, Miami, USA.
3890 Tigers, collaboration with Tiger Beer and WWF, Singapore.
Here East, 64 Bits, group show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery, Art Wynwood, art fair, Miami, USA.
 2016 C24 Gallery, Psychic Compound, solo show, New York, USA.
Opera Gallery, Britartnia, group show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery, Decadent City, group show, Miami, USA.
C24 Gallery, Contemporary Istanbul, art fair, Istanbul, Turkey.
C24 Gallery, Art Miami, art fair, Miami, USA.
Opera Gallery, group show, Paris, France.
 2015 Absolute Art Gallery, Memoryscapes, solo show, Knokke, Belgium.
Barbican, What’s in Your DNA?, public display, London.
Absolute Art Gallery, Summer Show, group show, Bruges, Belgium.
Opera Gallery. Urban Art, group show, Singapore.
Galeria Impakto, Teknology, group show, Lima, Peru.
Opera Gallery, British Contemporary, group show, Singapore.
 2014 Robert Fontaine Gallery. Synthetic Daydreams, solo show, Miami.
C24 Gallery, Yell-o, group show, New York, USA.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. Insiders, group show, Miami, USA.
Opera Gallery. Urban Renewal, group show, Hong Kong.Showcase Gallery, Southampton Solent University, Forward Looking, group show, Southampton, UK.
Pop up solo show, Ozwald Boateng, London, UK.
2013 Galerie flash. LONDON PORTRAITS with Andrew Salgado and George Morton-Clark, group show, Munich, Germany.
Opera Gallery. The Many Faces of David Bowie, group show, London, UK.
Absolute Art Gallery. Tra-SH-art, group show, Knokke, Belgium.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. X-CHANGE, solo show, Miami, USA.
Galerie flash. STROKE Art Fair, Munich, Germany.
The Cass Gallery. „Misuse: Creating Alternatives“, group show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. SCOPE Art Fair, New York, USA.
Absolute Art Gallery. Lille Art Fair, Lille, France.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. Art Wynwood, Miami, USA.
Absolute Art Gallery. Raw Art Fair, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
 2012 Robert Fontaine Gallery. SCOPE Art Fair, Miami, USA.Opera Gallery. „Urban Masters“, group show, London, UK.
Galerie flash. ART.FAIR, Cologne, Germany.
Bonhams Urban Art auction, Los Angeles, USA.
Rook and Raven Gallery. „Interface“, group show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. SCOPE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland.
Galerie flash. „1 Jahr“, group show, Munich, Germany.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. „9“, group show, Miami, USA.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. „Collective Memory“, solo show, Miami.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. SCOPE Art Fair, New York, USA.
2011 Robert Fontaine Gallery. Solo show, Miami, USA.
Whisper Gallery. „Dataface“, solo show, London, UK.
Selfridges. „Artefacts“, pop-up solo show, London, UK.
Whisper Gallery. Group show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. SCOPE art fair, Miami Art Basel.
Absolute Art Gallery. Art Paris, Paris, France.
Galerie flash. Munich Contempo, Munich, Germany.
Pantocrator Gallery. Residency and show, Barcelona, Spain.
 2010 Adam Lister Gallery. „Untagged“, group show, Fairfax, USA.
2R Art. „In/Human“, group show, London, UK.
Studio55 Gallery. „Auto-Emotion“, pop-up show, London, UK.
Robert Fontaine Gallery. Verge Art Fair, Miami Art Basel.
2009 T & P Fine Art. „Cut-Copy“, group show, Philadelphia, USA.
2008 Absorb Arts. Open Studios, London, UK.